Zero Detail is ready to party

Zero Detail is a reggae infused pop/rock band from Houston, Texas. Their sound can be best described as the feeling you get when you take that first bite of perfect pizza after a big hit; a burst of euphoria, flavor, zest, and just plain awesome. Be prepared to have a new favorite jam as you surf through a mix of feel-good party music that will make your drunk decisions (like that time you got on the bar and did your signature dance move) feel completely validated.

The band began in 2015 as a creative outlet for the members. What started as weekly jam sessions eventually became band rehearsal.  Although, they endured a few lineup changes along the way, the band is much the same now as it had began - five young professionals looking to escape their dull 9 to 5 desk jobs. 

In March of 2017, Zero Detail released their debut record, Free You. The 5-song EP was recorded with producer Stephen Adwell in Houston's very own AMR studio. Among the five tracks is their single, 5AM Floor, featuring local Houstonian Rickey Benz. Zero Detail held an album release celebration show in April of 2017 at the popular Houston spot Fitzgerald’s.

Zero Detail strives to create a unique and innovative sound, while remaining cohesive and relatable. 2018 will see some exciting travel opportunities for the band as they spread their sound all over Texas!